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"I love events like this that are a bit different from our regular racing and have an element of chance and huge amount of fun to them."

- 2009 Rolex Yachtsman of the year, Winner of the inaugural F2B, "His Highness", "King"- Bora Gulari

Weekend of April 11-12, 2015

Open sailing racing from the mouth of Charleston Harbor to the Battery

Kites, Boards, Cats, Moths, Skiffs, BRING IT!

From our friends at Sailing Anarchy

2014 Top Results:

Line Honors- Bora Gulari - Bayview, MI - Moth - 8 min. 56 sec.

First Kiteboard- Mitch Hall - St. Petersburg, FL - Course Board/ BEST Kahoona

First Sailboard- Dave Stanger - John's Island, SC

First Boat- Greg, Ellinor, Liz, Neil Walters - Charleston, SC - Hobie 20

Youngest Racer- Neil Walters - 12 y/o

The day before Charleston Race Week!

Tommy Braswell Post & Courier Article


If you might be out with a motorboat and can help us shuttle kiters & gear to a beach near Ft. Sumter for them to launch, please click here- Signing up doesn't commit you to be there but gets you "in the loop" so that if timing works out, you'll know what's going on. Thanks for your help.

Reserve your jersey number forever, for evva evva

To lay groundwork for future racing & competition, we have created a registry to establish permanent jersey ID numbers. That way anyone else who organizes an event already has this part covered..

You'll have to provide your own, but F2B is working on a discount for racers. Links will be available soon for easy jersey creation. Reserve your number now, make your jersey later.

Reserved Jerseys

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 9.25.43 AM.png

These color/ numbers have already been claimed. Sign up before your favorite is gone!

Remember your favorite sports jersey can work too if the number is easy to see!

Finish video from the first F2B!

Course Map

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 8.52.11 PM.png

The Course

The racing area will be Charleston Harbor with a starting line in the Harbor near Ft. Sumter. Don't worry, we will stay WAY clear of any ship traffic. It will be your responsibility to get to the start area ready to go! There are various launch points all around. Tide will be going out making it easy to get from the Battery back to the beaches

Competitors will race to the Battery Drag-Race style. Cross your fingers for big breeze!


The tide will be Ebbing on race day.

For 2015 we are working to provide motorboat transport for kite boards to launch from beaches near the starting area.

Registration - Opening in December

A complete schedule is available above in the Documents section of this page.

What else you should know

Who should race? Due to the conditions and distance of this race, advanced sailing/ riding skills are required, and number of entries is limited

Safety:  Several chase boats will be on hand to aid with breakdowns. The starting line will be clear of the ship channel. The Coast Guard plans to clear the way of recreational boat traffic at race time and will be on hand. Participating is your own risk and short of wind dying or gear failure you should be comfortable being independent

Spectating:  If not racing, come out and watch the fastest sail-craft in Charleston blast through the Harbor.  It will be exciting!

From a Boat, from the Battery will be best.

Bring your camera!


Got an idea?

Want to help?




or just find me..

- Tim

Please reach out also if you or a friend have a boat that can serve to rescue any breakdowns or help transport Kiters to rig & launch near the start

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